E-book Help

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Quick Guide

This Quick Guide shows you where to find e-books on the Library website and share a link to a particular book.


You are free to read e-books online, for as long as you want. The following are instructions to download e-books to your computer and additional devices, to read when you are not connected to the Internet. In order to download, you must sign in with your Assumption Email address and Password, have (or create) an Adobe ID, and install an additional software program/app, depending on your device. This process may take up to 10 minutes.
Note: Several users encountered errors during the download process but ultimately succeeded by downloading a second time. 
Below are instructions for downloading to the most common devices: 
  • iOS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  • Android for Samsung, etc.
  • MacOS for iMac and MacBook
  • Windows for Windows 7 & 8
Downloading an entire e-book to Kindle is not supported.  However, you can save a chapter as a PDF and use the Send to Kindle option to read it on your device. 

Multiple Users 

Multiple users can view/download the same e-book.  There is no "check-out" system, as there is with print books.  


Sign in with your Assumption Email address and Password to access your Bookshelf.  You can add an e-book to your Bookshelf to read again online from any device.    

E-books in Your Courses

You can view/print chapters or download a PDF of a chapter without signing in or downloading an entire e-book.  You can upload one or two chapters of an e-book to your Brightspace course site.  Multiple users can view one e-book simultaneously, even if a user has downloaded the e-book to their Bookshelf.